Septic Tank and Grease Trap Services

Did you know it is recommended that your septic tank be serviced every 3 years and commercial grease traps once a quarter? Affordable Portables has employees specialized in both areas and will take the necessary steps to provide exceptional customer service as well as safe and proper disposal.


Septic & Grease Trap Services

Affordable Portables provides residential and commercial septic tank servicing in several counties throughout central Ohio. From conventional systems to mound systems to aerations systems, our team is fully equipped to service your septic tank safely and efficiently.

What’s the plus side of choosing Affordable Portables?
  • Competitive pricing. We know you don’t want to waste money on your waste.
  • Exceptional service in the office and on the streets. From your initial phone call to a friendly representative, to our groomed and courteous technicians showing up at your home, we promise extraordinary service from start to finish – and after.
  • Honest, safe, and reliable disposal. Affordable Portables meets all requirements to haul and dispose of liquid waste in all the counties we service. Copies of septage report forms are turned in promptly to your local health department.
  • Free gifts and unlimited support. With every service you will receive a year’s supply of septic treatment additive and a reminder magnet to keep you on schedule.
Grease Traps

Ohio law requires facilities hosting a grease trump to have them serviced every 90 days. More importantly, in accordance with EPA laws grease traps must be properly disposed of to prevent contamination to waterways. Affordable Portable’s service technicians are educated to service many systems including:

  • Passive hydromechanical grease traps
  • Automatic grease traps
  • Gravity grease traps
  • Schools, restaurants, elderly care facilities, daycares, hospitals, and hotels are just a few businesses that harbor grease traps and should be aware of the maintenance required.
Camper and Trailer Pumping

That’s right, we can take care of that too! Whether it’s your camper at a county fair, temporary living space while you build your dream home, or a job site trailer on a construction site, we have varying service frequency options available to ensure your tanks are always maintained.